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Fox Cities Leadership Academy engages students in intellectual activities, which develop habits that will inform and enrich their graduates' lives. A simple display of knowledge, however accurate or rich, is only a beginning. Students who can use knowledge, and who are in the habit of using it, are prepared for success in post-secondary education, work, and citizenship.

Intellectual life is challenging, diverse, and rewarding. It requires initiative and independent thinking. Students at FCLA develop a willingness to figure things out. A diverse and engaged FCLA faculty encourages FCLA students to think and to take responsibility for their own learning. Students don’t expect to be given answers, but they know they can uncover them, and readily join in the spirit of shared inquiry.

At FCLA there are opportunities to imagine how others feel and see the world. Students respect evidence, distinguish good data from bad, and gather factual support for their ideas. FCLA students learn – often through the strong connection FCLA has with community business/industry partners -- to communicate those ideas powerfully in a variety of media, becoming skilled speakers, writers, and users of technology.