Back to School 2020

Back to School 2020
Posted on 08/20/2020
Dear FCLA Students and Parents,
We are coming close to the beginning of another incredible school year! I understand there are many concerns and questions regarding our direction as FCLA moves forward in these difficult times.

The FCLA staff and I would like to reassure you all that our school is built on our solid relationships and truly unique curriculum which will engage and support our students in the virtual education provided. When we last went on hiatus from physically schooling at North last March, we all did the best we could with the situation at hand. The staff within the FCLA did a fantastic job coming together and creating uniquely supportive experiences for all our students. As well, our students came together to support each other as change was the only constant the year provided. 

I would like to assure you our instructors are up to the task this year and are ready to instruct our five week seminars and workshops with renewed perspective and increased clarity. In order to do this the FCLA will rely on key aspects of our program to emphasize and differentiate our student experiences from the traditional model:

Relationships between instructors and students will be evident from feedback loops – students will receive consistent feedback both educationally and social emotional learning activities.
Smaller Learning Communities – The FCLA is family.  Our staff know our students.  Our students know or will get to know each other.  Not only will we continue to present in front of groups, we will work in them and rely on our relationships within them to further our goals.  Teamwork is the key to everything!
Interdisciplinary Learning Curriculum-Our instructors have worked tirelessly to deliver a unique curriculum directly tied to student interest and need.  Cross curricular seminars will tie relevant information to curricular standards.
Career Based learning will be visited and exhibited through virtual experience in chosen fields, research, presentations, and final result portfolio work.

Questions have arisen regarding the FCLA as a Charter School and the autonomy associated with its decisions, namely the chance of having our students on site for schooling. Since FCLA is an instrumentality of the district, funding is directly associated with all schools in the AASD and our direction is monitored by the district every five years under charter contract. 

As such, a decision made by the AASD Board is universally followed by the schools under it. Going back to school full time would not be supported by the AASD at this time. The FCLA, will, however, work on making connections with our students and concentrate on the positive effects our smaller learning community structure can provide. 

Please feel free to email or call Principal Patrick Lee with any questions you may have about the FCLA at this time. I will be sure to get you an answer as soon as possible.  

If you would like to influence decision making in the FCLA on a more global scale, please consider joining our FLCA school board! We are actively pursuing interested parents to petition the board for their inclusion as members. We need your feedback, support, and vision! Please contact Principal Patrick Lee or FCLA Interim Board President Greg Syring to inquire.

Patrick Lee
Principal FCLA
Greg Syring Interim FCLA Board President