FCLA/ACA Graduate, Class of 2013

"I received extremely exciting news yesterday morning that I attained federal security clearance, and will be interning with the Department of State in the US Embassy of Ljubljana, Slovenia next semester! This will certainly be the pinnacle of my college career before I graduate this May, and I couldn’t help but be reminded of my last senior capstone project through ACA (this internship will also be a senior capstone of sorts).  I owe you all a sincere thanks for putting up with my hijinks for two years, but more importantly for providing an environment to really explore what interested me at that stage in my life. Though I didn’t have a particularly coherent idea of where I wanted to go with my college career, I have no doubt the experience senior year running my civics class set the foundation for my future in political science. I know I’m just one example of many, many students shaping a future in what they want to be achieving through their ACA experience.  Please keep doing what you did so well during my time there."

MacKenzie Clemons, FCLA/ACA Class of 2012

“Just had an interview for a job… Thank God we had to make resumes in the ACA – seriously!”

Torri Cheak, FCLA/ACA Class of 2012

“I would just like to say that I don’t think I could have made it through my first semester of college so easily without being in the ACA.” 

Gordon Sennett FCLA/ACA Class of 2012

“I may be getting another (better) job. I sent them my updated resume thanks to you... They then asked if I had any proof of the work that I have done. I showed them the portfolio that I made senior year. They were really surprised that I had a portfolio and that it included stuff I did at work. They were pleasantly impressed.”

Julia Squier, FCLA Parent

“FCLA has been an amazing experience for our daughter. The FCLA staff is top-notch, extremely dedicated and very passionate about teaching. She has had so many relevant, real-world learning opportunities she would never have been able to experience in the traditional classroom.”

Rita O'Brien, Former FCLA/ACA Parent & Governance Board Member

The Appleton Career Academy (ACA) prepared Hannah not only for admittance into UW-Stout but also for career preparedness opportunities throughout her four years in college and now as she applies for jobs as she graduates in May. I believe as a parent, and educator myself, that the leadership skills Hannah learned and applied while in the ACA gave her the confidence and know-how to set herself above her classmates in college. As a freshman in college, Hannah beat out upperclassmen for a Summer Internship on Hilton Head Island, as a sophomore she was the chairperson the University's fashion show, and as a Junior she was hired by The Buckle to be their Visual Merchandiser (this is a job that normally requires a BS degree).

Now as a senior and graduating in May, Hannah has started interviewing for her professional jobs. She has been told that her leadership skills definitely stand out and is in the second round of interviews for two very good positions. As Hannah's mom, I credit the ACA for providing her a great foundation and the ability to experience education through project based learning while applying her newly learned skills to real world opportunities. I have no doubt that it was through the variety of learning opportunities Hannah was able to experience that she is confident to now successfully make her next step into the professional world.

Patti Habeck, Non-Profit Business Partner

Renee — Just a quick report to you about how amazing your kids were yesterday at the mobile pantry. They worked hard from the moment they got to the event. We served just under 300 families of all sizes, shapes and compositions. Most of the pantry guests were patient and grateful---easy to talk with and assist. But as always, we have some guests that are too deeply buried under the weight of their lot, and appear bitter and grumbly. But your kids took all of this in stride---they were amazing.

Due to the cold, we lined all the waiting families up inside. When their number was called, they came outside to move through the food line. Your kids met them at the door, walking through the line and helping carry their load when it got too heavy. (Great metaphor, huh?) The pantry guests were so grateful to have this assistance. It was something great to see---young, healthy kids giving so much of themselves to help others who have fallen on hard times.

And they definitely represented FCLA well. They were extremely polite, worked very hard (without complaining), committed themselves to the task from beginning to end, and were very respectful to the wide range of personalities of the guests.

I couldn’t be more pleased, and can’t say enough. THANK YOU for connecting them to us.

Patti Habeck

Marlo Gohla, Former FCLA/ACA Student

Hello ACA instructors,
I found these articles in the local newspaper, “The Village Voice,” today and thought l would share them with you. l was so excited to hear of a charter school opening in the Hot Springs, Arkansas area!! ACA is way ahead of education across the USA (or Arkansas is just behind).

Just wanted to give you all a little update and really just say thank you. May 17th I will be graduating from National Park Community College with my Associate of Arts Degree (where did time go?!). I’ve taken 62 credits in 4 semesters and maintained a 3.7 GPA. YAY! I can happily say my first two years were completely paid for by muitiple scholarships* no debt! I joined the Honor Society, Phi Theta Kappa, and was awarded “The Who’s Who in American Universities and Colleges.” Also, I made Presidents’ List and Deans’ List each semester! I'll be transferring to the University of Arkansas located in Fayettville this fall.

Throughout my first four semesters of college, I’ve thought of each of you so many times! ACA really set the foundation for success for my future. From building my resume and portfolio to learning 21st Century Skills, I feel so much farther ahead than most people my age!

I miss you all and hope you are doing great. Keep doing what you’re doing because it really is life changing. I don’t think I could be where I'm at today without you believing in me, teaching me your knowledge, and encouraging me to do the best I can.

Marlo Gohla