SHADOW Fox Cities Leadership Academy

SHADOW Fox Cities Leadership Academy
Posted on 02/25/2019
SHADOW Fox Cities Leadership Academy on Thursday, March 7th from 11:45-2:30 p.m.

Interested in joining the FCLA? Come shadow our school! Learn about our unique approach towards education by visiting our school, sitting in on classes, and hearing from current FCLA students.

Topics discussed on shadow: Learn how to develop a leadership portfolio, complete internships out in the community, design your own senior learning experience, and join a unique learning community. You are in charge of your learning experience!

Contact Mrs. Lucas to sign up:

The Fox Cities Leadership Academy (FCLA) offers a rigorous contemporary interdisciplinary curriculum that provides students a small learning community with the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, leadership capacity.


Examples of Integrated Classes Offered in FCLA
Global Weddings (global studies and fashion)
Oceanography + Watercolor Painting (physical science, oceanography, environmental science, and art)
Greek Mythology (global studies, ELA, art, and art history)
Shakespeare and Calligraphy (ELA and art)
I’ll Teach You To Be Rich + Monopoly (PFM, US History, and ELA)
DaVinci and Simple machines (global studies, anatomy, physical science, and ELA)
Paintings and photographs: The National Park System (US History, civics, art, environmental science, and biology)
Hamilton and Other Lesser-Known Figures in American History (US History, Civics, and art)

FCLA students experience
5-week, student-selected seminars, and workshops :
● That have a Big picture focus
● Incorporates standards from two or more subject areas
● Develops a deeper understanding of the topic
● Interdisciplinary learning in both content and process
● Thematic in nature
● Fosters diverse student inquiry
● Delivered through one-hour workshops and two-hour seminars within a five-week time


Credit Planning and Accumulation
North classes during hours 1-4 including
● Math
● Foreign Language
● Music
● Other Electives
● FCLA credits earned over a four-year time span
● Students choose what credits they acquire and when
● Students develop and monitor the plan to fulfill college/career readiness goals (progress closely monitored by FCLA staff)

College Recognition and Rigorous Curriculum
FCLA Classes during hours 5-8 including
● Core credits required for graduation in….
English Language Art
Social Studies
Physical Education
Personal Finance Management

● Elective credits in many areas
● ALL FCLA Courses are marked with an asterisk indicating to colleges they are advanced/rigorous, similar to AP coursework

Leadership Certificate
● Earn a Wisconsin Youth Leadership Skill Standards Certificate offered by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI)
● Develop a professional portfolio, highlighting student’s most exemplary work
● Demonstrate mastery of leadership and 21st-century skills (valued by employers and community organizations)

What former students say about FCLA….

"FCLA really set the foundation for success for my future. From building my resume and portfolio to learning 21st-century skills, I feel so much further ahead than most people my age! I don’t think I could be where I'm at today without you believing in me, teaching me your knowledge, and encouraging me to do the best I can." Marlo Gohla

"I am college-bound with confidence in myself. I have the acquired skills to manage my time effectively between school and extracurriculars, the intrinsic motivation to continue my education, a lifelong support system of trusted friends and teachers, and the unique high school experience of learning in an interdisciplinary,
goal-orientated environment." 
Gina D’Agostino